18% Gray  - Anne Tenino 4.5 stars

I loved this book. It had everything I love to read in books. Sci-fi/fantasy feel, lovable and funny characters and hot sexy men that don't have too much sex.

I loved how Matt and James knew each other in the past and while it's not friends to lovers it's more like enemies to lovers! At least, kind of. Matt and James went to high school together, they were somewhat friends but once James found Matt in a compromising situation, James does a complete one-eighty and starts being mean to Matt. So, when the book starts, Matt pretty much hates James (after being away from each other for years) even though he still lusts after him ;-P

There were some really funny scenes in this book that had me either laughing or smiling throughout the whole story. Matt and his sensitivity to drugs was hilarious, the expressions Matt and James had regarding certain things I visualized in my mind had me snickering a lot. The horse Matt and James 'adopt', Miz Horse, is such a treat, smart, witty and the constant snorting of horse mucus on Matt always made me smile. Technically I should say Miz adopts Matt and James lol. James, while kind of severe sometimes and serious was an awesome character, too. By the end of the book I could feel the love between these two. And, OMG, I can't forget about the horny nun! What a freaking hoot!

The only problem I had with this story was the confusion I felt in the beginning. I was captivated by the story right from the start but I was just a tad confused on some things regarding the lay of the land, new tech stuff, the different organizations, etc. It's an interesting concept, plot and world, I just wished there had been a glossary or something so I could go back and reference some of the words, names and the acronyms associated with each one. Also, Matt has a HUGE family. I kind of wished I had a family tree so I could fully grasp where all his cousins, aunts and uncles came from. Lol

All in all, I seriously loved this book. It's the kind of book you need to focus on and really pay attention to, though, or else you'll be confused throughout the whole story. Once I realized I needed to put all my attention into the book, it was much easier to read. I'm really looking forward to the next in the series. Definitely Recommended.

Oh, and for all you series Nazi's out there (no offense) there's a sort of 'epilogue' short story about Matt and James, Happy Birthday to Me. It's a very cute story and I loved that one as well. Word of advice, though, don't read Happy Birthday to Me until after the next book in the series comes out because there's a tiny spoiler regarding the next couple in it.