End of the Line  - Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn It's hard to adequately rate and review this one because there are some things I liked about the book and some things I didn't like.

For starters, I did enjoy the book to some extent. I found it highly amusing. Not because the characters are particularly funny but because the situations they put themselves in were funny, in and of themselves. There are, in fact, a few very funny scenes that had me laughing very hard but aside from that, the story is not very appealing.

I couldn't connect with either Gigi or Remy. This is mostly because Gigi seemed very immature and childish, constantly bouncing, clapping his hands and giggling. Remy, while I enjoyed his possessiveness, got on my nerves with his constant "Someone walked by you, I have to claim you now. Again." It grew tiring and made the story drag. Especially since it baffled me how Gigi could have Remy's ten inch cock inside his ass a couple times a day without ever being sore?!

The plot of the story is a bit flat and unoriginal. While the idea of what the story revolves around is nice and interesting, the fact that nothing is elaborated on made my inner scifi geek disappointed. I would have liked details about this whole new world, the crews missions, about what Remy is, his race, his life, Gigi's life (beyond the fact he was a sex slave). In that the book lacked severe details. Even finally finding out what Gigi is was a disappointment because we only get a name for what he is, not for why he's so special or rare. On top of that, the conflicts felt flat and forced. The book could have ended a good fifty pages sooner and it would have made a fine story. Since it didn't, the problems that arose later with Gigi's master seemed unnecessary and ridiculous and made me roll my eyes. Then there was the sex, it was not hot at all and just made me end up skipping it. Whoever said jogging and having sex at the same time was possible must be very talented and have some strange views on sex because, seriously, that was so not hot. It was ridiculous

With all that said, I loved the side characters. Pax, the little blue guy, was so adorable and I felt like he held the story together for me. I looked forward to reading scenes with him in it. The other crew members - Crank, Colt, Tank and Blade - were a hoot. I loved their banter and their sense of humor. It's very snarky and sarcastic which is my favorite type of humor.

In the end, I will say that this book frustrated me. It was hard for me to stick to and finish but only because I couldn't connect with the characters and the problems seemed over the top. The side characters were amazing, though, and I do hope they stay that way. But, I will say, that these books are kind of addicting. They are like cotton candy or chips. Once you have one bite you don't really want to stop. LOL.