Six Degrees of Lust - Taylor V. Donovan First and foremost, I feel like I should say that this is the first part of a serial and thank God for that because I can't wait to read more of Mac and Sam! I absolutely loved these guys!

Mac, a man who manages a bar from Texas, flies to New York with his boss to look at possible places for a second club location. Sam, an FBI agent, meets Mac at the airport when he drops everything to rescue his sister and nephew. Their brief encounter is intense and leaves them both with a longing to hook up. When they finally do get together on Mac's last day in NYC, their time together is cut short and afterward, they both think they'll never see each other again. Sam doesn't do anything beyond one-night stands, though, so when he can't get the Texan out of his head it leaves him baffled but unable to not contact the sexy Texan. From there, Sam and Mac just can't get enough of each other. What started as a botched one-night stand turns into something more that they both agree can only be friends with benefits but nothing more. Little does Sam realize his constant denial of his feelings for Mac and the way he keeps breaking his own rules of their arrangement causes Mac and Sam to yearn for something much deeper than the relationship status they've put themselves into.

I absolutely loved these two characters. Mac and Sam are such alpha males that the way they handle the feelings for each other was quite entertaining. I loved the conflict they put on themselves and the hurdles they go through as characters. Sam is quite an asshole to say the least but even with that it was hard not to love him. He has a heart of gold, coming to the rescue of his sister and nephew, Nicky, when they were in trouble. Sam is brash, blunt and brutally honest. He doesn't do relationships so he'll run at the first sign of them. With Mac, while he wants to run from what they're developing, he can't help but be drawn to Mac and continue with what they have, even at the risk of developing more feelings for Mac.

Mac, on the other hand, is just so adorable. He's calm, laid back and an all around nice guy. With his sexy Texan drawl and his ability of saying the exact things that will make Sam think he's challenging him and rile him up, thus cause Sam to react to Mac and ultimately spar with him. I loved it. While Mac is in the closet because of a deal he made with his family since they're in politics he is not afraid to show or be seen in public with Sam and the way they are around each other made me smile so much. It was so great seeing Sam and Mac work through their feelings and work out how the other person made them feel. I felt like I could experience their turmoil. Sam's constant desire for Mac and his possessiveness and jealousy whenever he thought of Mac with another guy (which Mac would never do) was so funny and sweet at the same time. Mac's rare rage over thinking of Sam with another guy was just as entertaining but more than that, both of their constant pretending to be indifferent about each others words, actions and gestures made this read funny, angsty and definitely enjoyable!

There are a couple of things I really loved about this book (aside from the characters). I loved how Sam called Mac 'kitten' and 'Tex'. For some reason I have a soft spot for characters being called 'kitten'. Another thing I found extremely interesting was how all these characters are connected, both main and secondary, with each other and, in essence, in a circle. For example, Mac knows Sam who knows Logan who knows Christian who knows Mac. It was so fascinating to see who would know each other next. Definitely fits the notion that each person is connected with each other by six degrees.

The conflict of the story actually revolves around what Mac and Sam go through with their feelings for each other. How they meet, their connection and how they make a long distance friends with benefit relationship (even though it's clear they have something much, much more powerful together) work and how they deal with their emotions without getting in too deep. There's a side plot that deals with a serial killer targeting certain types of gay men which was very interesting but not the main plot. It all ties in together and makes reading this go smoothly.

In the end, I really loved this book. I was hooked right from the start, fell in love with Sam, Mac and all the other characters mentioned and the issues they go through. I'm definitely looking forward to the next book of Sam and Mac and seeing all the other characters and how they tie in together. Definitely recommended.