Transit - Raev Gray, Aleksandr Voinov First thing you need to know about this book is that it isn't perfect. It's sweet and cute, a little rushed in the end and has a few inconsistencies with just borderline too much sex for me. It's insta-love but it's not the roll your eyes kind because while they are technically strangers, they've both admired each other from afar while working together and, as such, it completely works for this story.

When they go on a business trip and get stuck in Malpensa, the intensity between them felt so real to me and the way it was so easy for them to get together made their interactions extremely hot. On top of that, I found the fact that both of them were, in their own ways, afraid of what was forming between them so endearing and made me fall in love with them quickly. I felt the emotions they felt when everything from their perfect 'vacation' together ended and it broke my heart the way Javier and Andrew reacted. In the end, everything worked out and it just made me smile so stupidly, I just couldn't help it!

Buuuuut what made this book fantastic to me, what made it truly special, is that halfway through reading it, after I paused for a bit, I had this desire, this longing to keep reading. I had the strangest feeling of missing the book. The kind of missing where you haven't seen something for months and months but you long to see it again at the most ridiculous times. That's what it felt like to me, which is strange because I only put it down for a few hours! That feeling made me want to finish the book as soon as I could because I've never felt that way about a book before. I got those little butterflies in my tummy that you get when you have a crush on someone because of it and once I finished Transit, it felt strangely like I was coming home, in a sort of way.

It makes absolutely no sense at all and I'm more confused than anything about it but that right there made this book, imperfections and all, a five star read for me. I have a feeling I'll re-read it again. And quite often ;)