Evermore - Lynn Viehl This is one of my favorite m/f books and I've read it at least half a dozen times so far. While the book isn't perfect (the scenes regarding Alex and her drama were seriously annoying so I skipped them. They really add nothing to the story), the development between the main couple, Byrne and Jayr, is just so sweet. The fact that they've both had unrequited feelings for the other for centuries is just heartbreaking. But more so than that, the fact that Jayr hates the way she is, not a child but not quite a woman, but Byrne loves her anyway is one of the sweetest story lines I've ever read. He wouldn't care if Jayr was a man or a woman, he just wants her and he takes her as she is.

So, I ask this. How can you not love a huge, Scottish Highlander with tattoos on his face on the verge of a berserker rage and his second, a woman underdeveloped that moves at the speed of light and often time catches things on fire because of it?

The story is beautiful and when Byrne and Jayr finally get together it is just explosive. It's a must read!

How truthful may I write of this,
The want of love, the love I hide?
My passion drowned by cowardice
Yet evermore by hope revived.
You do not want me
However much I need.
You will not see me
However much I bleed.
Thus I dwell in silence, for
I have made well my prison
loving you, evermore.

How are we to live, my lord,
ever together, forever apart?
The night between us poised, a sword,
forged and edged in my cinder heart.
I cannot have you,
however much I long.
I cannot leave you,
this bond too strong.
Thus I go on as I have before,
burning in Eden, with you,


Originally read in January, 2009