Forever in One Second - Finn Marlowe The first chapter of this book is.... intense. Right from the start I was drawn into the story and the characters problems and didn't want to put the book down.

Dane is a man who's sick of living in the city so he moves home after his brother's death. While working one day, he gets caught right in the middle of a tornado. Crushed, and on the very edge of dying, Courtenay shows up from Search and Rescue. Courtenay knows Dane is dying, he can feel it but he also remembers Dane and he can't just let the boy he knew die. So, he heals him. Gifted with the ability to 'wish' people better, he gives Dane a second chance at life. When Dane heals, he's grateful that Court was able to save him but more than that he wants Court. And what Dane wants, Dane gets. Unfortunately for Dane, he didn't realize how messed up Court was or how many dangerous people want Court for his ability and they aren't afraid to resort to extreme measures to get him. This starts them on a roller coaster of a relationship that both Dane and Court want but Court believes he doesn't deserve.

I have to say I absolutely adored Dane and Court. Dane is so full of life. He's exuberant, abrasive, and quite a handful. Court is just the opposite. He's quiet, extremely broken and feels like he should have died during of a fairly recent event. It may not seem like it but Dane heals Court by being his forceful and blunt self. The two together are both hot and funny. Dane has a knack for making all these elaborate plans that Court hates sticking with but when Court makes the plans, they always turn out horribly. One of the things I really loved about them, though, is their references to when they were younger and the nicknames they had for each other then. It was just so cute.

I found the plot of the story rather interesting. The fact that Court can heal people by 'wishing' it better was both adorable and fascinating. And I liked the direction that the story went into. First we see the connection between Dane and Court and how intense it is. Then we get to see Dane and Court sticking together when knowledge of Court's ability gets to some rich people. And I really enjoyed the fact that we saw the story escalate to encompass and explain some of Court's past and the horrible experience he went through.

While I loved the story and the characters, there were a few things I had a problem with. For one, while the sex was very hot (Court and Dane are freaking smokin') there was way to much sex and was way too long. At least for my tastes. On top of that, I was confused a bit in the beginning because there were these dreams, while very important to the story later on, were rather confusing when you read them. However, the dreams are both horrendous AND sweet so I didn't much mind them.

All in all, I adored this story. It was both sweet and intense. I loved Dane and Court and what they have to go through. I'm very interested in whether we'll get to see more of them. Hopefully when we get more of Kiley and Markus! Definitely recommended.