The Decisions We Make - R.J. Scott One of the reasons I love RJ's stories is because she can always make me feel so much emotion with just a few words.

In The Decisions We Make it's no different. I fell in love with Jamie and Daniel when they first met as children and Daniel was afraid of getting his clothes dirty. The relationship these two develop over the years, being foster brothers, is sweet and touching. They've become best friends and they confide in each other when they have issues. Daniel is quiet, a bookworm and an amazing pianist. Jamie is the opposite of Daniel. He's brash, full of energy and a jock. He's a prankster and always drags Daniel into his jokes, which always end up back-firing. Which made for some very funny times.

The story revolves around these two coming to turns with their feelings for each other and the problems, emotionally and physically, that arise from being gay so young. They have to accept their love for each other and that there are homophobes in the world who will hurt them. It's a very touching story, one that I absolutely adored. It was hard not to feel some type of emotion for these two and what they go through together. I loved the the relationship this family had, though. The way they all came together when one of them is in trouble or hurt is very sweet. Especially since they all accepted Daniel, an orphan, so easily into their mix and made him feel like part of the family. It was nice.

The only reason I can't give this five stars (even though it is surely a five star read) is the editing. I felt like there was none. Throughout the whole book I found mistake after mistake and it kept throwing me out of the story. There were a lot of inconsistencies that a beta reader or an editor should have pointed out. I know this is a self-published story, but considering the readers are paying for it, I would have liked a more easy flowing story and that could have been accomplished by a bit of self-editing at least. That's my only complaint.

In the end, I really did love the story. The editing might have thrown me off but it didn't stop me from loving Jamie and Daniel and hoping there's more of their story to come. Recommended.