King's Conquest - Valentina Heart I've been thinking on my review for about a week now and still have no idea how to express how much I enjoyed this book. All I can really say is that for such a short story, it sure packs a lot of punch!

Prince Rinin (Rin), of the Kingdom Kari, is left with a very important decision after his father, the King, dies - become the neighboring King's uralain, or whore, or go to war. Rin may be uneducated and naive but he has enough dignity to make his own demands. As such, he demands King Merinej (Merin) Erassa, of the Kingdom Jede, to sign a wedding contract which will make Rin the only person Merin can sleep with. Merin's eager to sign the contract, especially after hearing that Rin can give him an heir. Neither men thought their marriage was anything but convenience so when they both start developing feelings for each other, it comes as a pleasant shock. While their fledgling relationship is progressing, they have to deal with more things than just their feelings. There's conflict among their lives, though, with Rin being in an unknown society with people who are generally not accepting of him, Rin being uneducated and clueless on what his duties are and how to control his unknown powers, as well as having a stalker constantly trying to kill Rin, which creates possibly more problems than they can stand.

There are multiple reasons I loved this book. For one I absolutely adore arranged marriages. There's just something about the fact that two people who are enemies grow to love each other that just warms my heart. Aside from that, I loved these characters. Rin was raised with having learned nothing. He knows not what his duties are or what he's supposed to do. He's cute, young, small and naive and it was hard for me not to fall in love with him especially with his innocent acts and expressions. Merin is just the opposite of Rin. He's experienced, a warrior and can be cold when he needs to. He's a perfect king. I loved the connection between these two. I felt like I could feel it. It was intense, sweet and touching.

While the story is short, enough happens that it didn't feel so short to me. Rin and Merin go through a lot and learn a lot about each other and the ways of their people. They have to deal with the fact that, while they just met and have these intense feelings for each other, their relationship could possibly be severed before it actually grows because of a jealous stalker who believes Merin is his and Rin doesn't deserve him. On top of that, Merin learns of the complications that could happen from Rin having his heirs and it puts a whole new perspective on what's most important to them. To say I enjoyed it all would be an understatement!

In the end, I really did love the story. I thought it was a great start to a new series. The characters are charming and lovable, the plot is just suspense enough to have you dying to read more which made this book really great, in my opinion. Definitely looking forward to reading more about this world and Rin and Merin!