Unholy Magic  - Stacia Kane **Possible spoilers but I'm just too lazy right now to tag them**

One of the things I really like about the Downside Ghosts series is the world that it's based in. It's quite fascinating, in my opinion. The fact that ghosts are such evil, vindictive spirits and the Church has debunkers to banish them when necessary, or prove people are trying to scam the Church when it's not, is extremely captivating.

As with before, though, I really did not like Chess. In fact, I hated her with a passion. Before she was at least snarky but in this book I felt like she was too whinny. She would blame the situations she was in on other people (Bump, Terrible, the Elders, Oliver, etc.) instead of taking the responsibility, sucking it up and dealing with the consequences that she caused. She always had a choice in a situation and yet she still put herself in such positions. Chess's drug problem was also way worse than it had been in Unholy Ghosts and, to me, it's like she's spiraling farther and farther down in her addiction. So bad, in fact, that I felt like a big majority of the book revolved around her taking numerous drugs and one long scene even shows her withdrawing (which I took great pleasure out of). No offense, but she seriously needs an intervention. And to break things off with Lex (because really, she's just a kept whore at this point).

On a side note, I absolutely love Terrible! He's sweet and big and caring and dominant and cruel to those who deserve it and... well I could just go on and on about how much I love Terrible and what great qualities he has! I really loved that Terrible was man enough to lay it all out for Chess about his feelings and what he wanted from her. But then I hated Chess even more for how she handled it Fucking skank!.

I have to say that the first half of the book did not interest me at all (was a two star). I couldn't get into the story and I honestly can't tell you why that is, just that it didn't draw me in. It could be because I felt like it was focused too much on Chess's drug problem than the actual story (but then that could just be me making a big deal out of nothing. Who knows?). BUT the second half of the story was VERY suspenseful and had me hooked (4 star!). I loved the conflict with the famous actor, Roger, and how all the prostitutes were tied in. I admit to being more than a little confused at times when Chess was talking about how it all was explained but it was enjoyable nevertheless. With that, I still have some unanswered questions regarding the book What's going to happen to Terrible now that Chess saved him like Oliver saved Kemp? Is he going to turn out like Kemp? Is he bound to Chess now? I don't understand how this will all affect him.

In the end, I liked the story. It wasn't exactly better than the first in the series but I believe that has more to do with how much I dislike Chess than it does the writing style or the conflicts of the book. The mysteries were still just as engaging once I could get passed my Chess problems and once I allowed myself to sink into the story it became a gripping action-packed story. I do plan, and even look forward to, reading the next in the series.

Best phrases of the book:

"Naw," he said. "Naw, Chess, you ain't a whore. A whore's honest." - Terrible

"I got some pills on me, dig. Figure I hand em over, I come back your place on the later an fuck you?" - Terrible to Chess

There were some other great lines (even some by Chess) but I forgot to mark them :(