Mariner's Luck - Kirby Crow I loved this one almost as much as the first one.

Seeing Scarlet out of his element and on the sea while simultaneously seeing Liall in his element and among his people was fascinating to me. Scarlet and Liall get much closer in this one. They start to accept the situation they are in and act on the feelings they have for each other. At the same time, we start to understand Liall more and find out why he's so harsh on himself and reluctant to return home. Where Scarlet and the White Wolf is about Scarlet's life, Mariner's Luck is mostly about Liall's life. So, now we know Scarlet and Liall equally.

The world is just as fascinating as in the first book and I liked how we get to see a different society and culture than Byzantur. Rshan, Liall's home country, is filled with cold, cruel men and women. The kind that would plot against you behind your back then praise you to your face. It made for an interesting welcome home for Liall and a few enjoyable encounters for me.

The only problem I had with this one is how much I didn't like Liall treating Scarlet at times. Nor how he acted when he got to his homelands the fact that old lovers came out of the woodwork and tried to tempt Liall, constantly grew a bit annoying especially when he'd reminisce of it and take it just a bit too far for my comfort. I could have easily overlooked that, though, because the book is just that good but the last scene (which I really thought didn't add to the story) was too much for me to ignore and dimmed my enjoyment just a tad.

I still love this series, though. I'm looking forward to reading the third one and I'm desperately hoping the fourth one gets released soon!

Originally read 9/25/10