Hair of the Dog - Ashlyn Kane, Morgan   James In addition to the great cover, this book was fun and gave a slightly different and unique take on werewolves which made it very much enjoyable to me.

Ezra is having a rough life lately. His father just died, he's lost his job and he's just been unknowingly made into a werewolf by a crazy, disease infected lycan. In comes Callun. Alpha lycan to the local pack, doctor, scientist and investigator of the new lycan disease called alphatropin regulatory dysfunction (ARD). When he finds out about Ezra, he takes Ezra home to keep him safe and recruits him as his assistant in finding the source of ARD. The only thing wrong with that is Ezra is the perfect submissive who unwittingly teases Callun with his wolf-like gestures. On top of that, because of the strain of turning into a lycan, Ezra can't do anything strenuous or he risks having heart failure from over exertion. That's all well and good but the pheromones Callun puts off calls to Ezra's inner submissive and makes him want Callun even more with no release in their future. When the person behind the new disease gets frustrated by Callun and Ezra's progress, one thing leads to another and Ezra gets much more involved in the case than Callun intended.

One of the things I enjoyed about this story were the characters. All of them were funny in one way or another, both Ezra and Callun and all the secondary characters. Ezra was amusing and pretty damn cute. Callun was just sexy and the way he tried to control himself around Ezra but failed almost every time made this story both sexy and entertaining. The way they were both attracted to each other, which was only heightened by the pheromones they were both putting off, had me enjoying the book a lot. The banter, bickering and snark added to the story made it easy to like all the characters as well.

The story gives a slightly different take on lycans. Whereas they do turn into werewolves and have alphas and betas, this story has the added benefit of pheromones which gave it an interesting twist. The fact that every pack has two alphas, a female and male but don't need to be mated, also gave the story a unique factor. There are a few other things that made the story different from other wolf shifter stories but I'll leave you to find them out since they were cute and funny.

While I enjoyed the book very much, there were a lot of inconsistencies and a need for a tad bit more editing especially content editing. I had a lot of questions about the mystery (which I figured out who the bad guy was very early on), more specifically how a lot of things were able to happen For instance, how in the world could footprints in dirt stay there for 3+ weeks when it has been raining and such? How is it that Teller, the diseased lycan that bit Ezra, was injected with ARD from the mad scientist when he was in a correctional facility and escaped from that facility not the mad scientist? What happened with all of Ezra's father's stuff? It played a big roll in the beginning then was almost completely forgotten afterward. Wouldn't Ezra's cousins be worried about where he disappeared to? How is it possible that Feyen was the bad guy when only three years before he was a state known senator? Having reconstructive surgery AND being picked to be alpha around the same time that Callun was being picked as alpha? Which had to have been much more than 3 years before. The timeline for it was off because Feyen thinks how it was unfair Callun took his spot as Alpha. Callun was made into an alpha 6 years, or so, prior when the previous alphas were killed. Like I said, a lot of inconsistencies and there are a few that I'm not even mentioning. and a few questions about what happens next. Also, at times, the writing was stunted and choppy but not enough to make reading difficult, just enough for me to notice.

With all that said, though, I really did enjoy the story. I loved the characters (Ezra and Callun are very sweet and hot together!) and the world that was created around them. I loved how these lycans are unique in their own way but more than that, this book was just fun. It was an easy and entertaining read and even with it's faults I'd recommend it.