Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass, #1) - Dani Alexander 4.5 stars

Well now. How am I supposed to compete with some of those reviews out there? I think Heather C wrote a great review that pretty much described everything I felt for this book. So, go check hers out because it's quick and easy to read ^_^

So, yes, I loved this book. At first, I couldn't get into it. The first couple of pages didn't draw me in right away but after that I was suckered in. I didn't want to put the book down and even stayed up late to read as much as I could. Austin is snarky and playful. He says the stupidest things to make people not take him seriously then questions why no one ever believes him when he's confessing about something serious and important. He's really smart, though, and asks the questions that normal people wouldn't ask. He's a great detective. He has an obsession with Peter and his bunny slippers that was just so cute and funny. He also tends to think with his dick whenever Peter is around (and kinda every other time of the day, too). Peter is just adorable. He's a freaking ginger with lots of freckles. How can you not like that?! While Peter may look cute, he had to grow up fast. Only twenty, he already knows what it's like to live a hard life. It's sad but he hasn't let life break him yet and I doubt he ever will.

I absolutely adored most of the side characters. Cai and Darryl were awesome and I loved that they stuck up for Peter when needed to. All three of them are like brothers and they'd do anything to keep each other out of trouble. Darryl and Peter's main concern is Cai, though, so they put their lives on the line for him. Luis, Austin's partner, was a hoot. I loved that he took everything Austin dished out in stride and even helped Austin get the support he unintentionally needed to be a full-fledged gay man. There are so many great lines in this book that had me laughing my ass off. Mostly Austin is the one that would say these ridiculously funny lines or comebacks but Peter had sarcasm and snark down to an art. Both of them could bicker and banter for long stretches that always ended up with them teasing each other and getting hot and heavy.

The only thing I didn't like about the story was Austin's constant need to say whenever he would get a boner by someone else besides Peter. Like seriously. I understand Austin is 'new' to being gay. He's repressed his gay tendencies for years now but he didn't have to broadcast every time he was attracted to someone else (mostly just whores and assholes). It got really annoying and made me slightly pissed off and upset. I mean, I loved Austin, I really did, but I love him less because of his need to express over and over and over that Peter's not the only whore who can make him hot. It was beyond annoying. I still love him. But I want to smack him and sic Darryl on him. I think I love Peter more, though. I have a weakness for ginger's. I can't help it *shrugs*

This book is very twisted, though. Just when you think you have everything figured out, something else is thrown into the mix to completely smash that line of thinking. On top of that, it's filled with deceits, betrayals, lies and omissions. It comes to a point that you can't even believe what some characters are saying because they'd most likely just come back and say they were lying or you'd realize what they say isn't the truth. It's deception personified.

This was a totally awesome book, though. It really is filled with twists and turns but it's so captivating you want to stick with it and consume it all. The story draws you in, the characters draw you in and the only thing you want is to figure out what happens next and to see Peter and Austin finally have a relationship. This story left me on the edge of my seat multiple times and had me craving for more. I want loads more and I could probably never get sick of Austin or Peter. Honestly, I could devour at least three more books with Austin and Peter as the MCs and even right now I have this urge to just reread the story again. And I just read it last week. I'll anxiously be awaiting Cai and Darryl's books because this one ends on a cliffhanger! Grrrr Definitely recommended.

ETA: I forgot about the hilarious titles at the beginning of each new scene break! They had me cracking up so much!