Love Means... Healing - Andrew  Grey Whenever I'm looking for a story that's sweet and cute, I know I should read an Andrew Grey book. And that's exactly what I did and I loved the it.

Len has been in the whole Farm series and has made probably just as big an impact on all the characters are Eli and Geoff have. I was glad to finally get his story at a second chance because I think Len deserves to be happy.

In the first book Love Means... No Shame, I was curious about Len and Chris so I was extremely happy to finally get their story!

I adore Len because he's so simple and doesn't expect much. He just lives his life the way it is and he's content and happy about it. He still grieves, though, over his lost lover, Cliff, and when Chris shows up and makes Len feel things he doesn't think is appropriate it causes some friction between them. Chris is definitely a great guy. Former marine, he likes a simple life with peace and quiet. The two are great together and I loved this story because of how they heal each other.

The only thing I had a problem with was the inconsistencies. More than once I picked out the little details that, in passed books, made Len's statements incorrect. Say, for example, the fact he says Cliff was his first and only lover. The beginning of Love Means... Courage starts off with Len in another guy's bed (this is before he meets Cliff) so that proves his statement false. There were also a few other things, like how the ending of Healing Len wakes up without Chris on Christmas morning and not seeing him until late afternoon when in Simple Gifts Geoff walks in to find Len and his 'still-sleepy partner Chris' in his kitchen on Christmas morning. There were a few other ones I noticed as well but I think I got my point across with those.

Even with that said, I still enjoyed the book. Len and Chris are definitely a great couple and I've enjoyed their interference in previous books with other characters. And it was definitely awesome to see a still young Joey again! Looking forward to reading more of the series. Recommended.