Heatstroke - Taylor V. Donovan I put off reading this story for so long and I have no idea why because I absolutely loved it.

It's written in a very unique style. Set in present day, it is told from a teenaged Michael's POV but also from a series of letters he uncovers about a grandfather he never knew about. Michael goes on a little hunt to figure out what happened to him so we got to learn about Richard (the grandfather who was a famous actor) and Manny (the man Richard fell in love with who was a famous baseball player) and their story.

I found it quite interesting. From the start Michael drew me in because he was so cute and his determination to find out what happened was amazing. Then, learning about Richard and what all he went through was captivating. I was engrossed in the story and didn't want to put it down. These characters latched on to me and didn't want to let go.

I adored the story and I just wished it had been longer! The ending is so sweet that I cried for probably the last 25% or so. I definitely loved Richard and Manny and their story (and Michael!). It had the perfect amount of angst countered with the perfect amount of sweetness. I know I'll be able to reread their tale over and over and still love it more every time.

Definitely something I recommend!!!! And want more of!!! Hope Michael's story comes soon!!!