Cinder - Marie Sexton I loved this book. I've always been fond of fairytale stories but this one was sweet and adorable and is definitely a feel good read!

I found the book either funny or cute so I was either laughing and smiling throughout the whole story. Eldon and Xavier are a match made in heaven, though, and their journey to their HEA was nice and sweet and definitely easy to read.

I loved all the characters in this story (except for Eldon's Aunt and two cousins of course!) but everyone had a role that made the story somehow better. Eldon's longing to see Xavier one more time before Xavier needs to choose a bride made an extremely funny and awesome twist. I wasn't really expecting it but it sure was interesting! And I loved the way Xavier reacted to Eldon, in all his forms. Xavier was just adorably confused and misguided. And his dog, Milton, just made it all worse... even though I think he was trying to get Xavier to understand!

I don't have anything bad to say about this story aside from how I wish it had been longer because I want more. I was a little worried on how it was going to end but sure enough it had the perfect semi-shocking ending!

I'd absolutely recommend this especially if you are looking for a quick lighthearted, sweet and funny read. It is easy to get lost in these characters and their adventure. I know I'll be rereading them often whenever I need a pick-me-up :)