Mechanical Magic - Lorraine Ulrich This was a sweet and slightly sad novella. I enjoyed it very much as it told the tale of Aster, a man trying to hide his gypsy heritage, rescuing Y'rean, an elf trying to adjust to a life without wings. It's an intriguing, easy read.

From the start I was pulled into this fascinating steampunk. The world is complex and captivating especially with the prejudice against gypsies and the slavery of elves. I also loved the fact that gypsies and elves are portrayed slightly different in this story. Gypsies being able to wield their magic into creating mechanical limbs from metal and the fact that elves have wings.

I loved how Aster, even though he knew it was dangerous, took in Y'rean when he found Y'rean freshly injured and how he took care of Y'rean during his injury. Y'rean on the other hand was quite interesting to me. With his red hair and his longing to be able to fly again. The two are adorable together which gave me a silly little grin. I also found Aster's occupation, creating mechanical pieces of all kinds, extremely interesting.

The plot of the story revolves around Aster finding Y'rean, taking him in and caring for him during Y'rean's recovery. We get to know a bit about Aster and Y'rean's lives and what they've been through in the past. We learn about the world, gypsies and elves which intrigued me quite a bit. We see Y'rean's longing for the sky and Aster's solution to Y'rean's grief. The tale is slow and more romantic than anything else.

My only problems with the story is how a few gypsy words were used but there was no mention of the meaning to them so I had to deduce what they meant. Also, at times the writing was stunted by too many repetitive words too close together.

All in all, the story is very soft and nice. It's a sweet and easy read I'd recommend anyone looking for a little something different that will give you a few warm and fuzzies and make you smile in the end. I hope there's more to come of this world because I really did enjoy these characters and the setting.