Hunting Ground - Patricia Briggs This is probably one of my favorite series. With each book that is published I fall a little more in love with Anna and Charles.

In this one we get to see Anna and Charles' relationship develop more while still seeing them get accustomed to their mating. I love that Anna looks so weak and helpless but then shows she's got some major brass balls when it's needed. I've always found Charles scary and cute. I don't know why. Well, scary obliviously because he is the Marrock's enforcer but cute because he's always been gentle and so naively confused when Anna is involved.

The mystery in this book fascinated me a lot. I loved being able to learn more about the pack dynamic and how it relates to more than just one pack at a time. I loved the fact we learned a bit more about fae, vampires and witches as well. This one was definitely suspenseful and took me a while to figure out who the villain was.

In the end, I loved this book. It kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat, showed me Anna and Charles understand each other much more than they believed and let me indulge my need for detailed information. Definitely a great installment to this series.