Clouds and Rain - Zahra Owens FYI - Spoilers. I'm just too lazy to bracket them :-/

I was liking this story very much. I enjoyed the way Flynn and Gable met, how they worked together and the sexual tension between the two. I even liked the fact Flynn and Gable started singing 'I love you's' way too soon. I liked Flynn and his need to have a permanent home and how he just wanted to take care of Gable. I liked Gable because he was so confused on why Flynn was staying with him and even how self-conscious and how low his self-worth really was.

However, while I liked the story in the beginning, it kind of took a wrong turn somewhere for me. I didn't enjoy how Gable essentially was using Flynn as a fuck-toy/housekeeper when it was clear Flynn wanted an actual relationship with feelings. Gable would be lovey dovey one moment then all but running from the room and cold as ice the next. It was like he was bi-polar and his actions towards Flynn when he was pissed frustrated me.

I didn't like the direction the story went in. I'm not overly fond of ex-lovers being in a story (Grant is in almost the whole last half of the book) and I don't enjoy female characters that much either (the best friend, Calley). Really, I didn't like how big a part Calley and her pregnancy played in the last half of the story. It felt wrong and inconsistent with the beginning. Honestly, I felt like it took away from my enjoyment especially when I felt like Calley was kind of manipulating Gable into being the babies daddy (while not actually having to be a daddy). It just felt wrong to me and like she was dumping all her problems on Gable and expected him to fix them for her so she could be happy and him and Flynn could be miserable instead. Okay, I may be over exaggerating on the miserable part but it still felt like she dumped all her problems on Gable and expected him to fix them.

The story was also very inconsistent in general. Flynn would say one thing and then end up doing something different. Gable said he'd never donate sperm unless he could physically be the kid's dad then ends up donating sperm. There was also the fact that the things mentioned in the beginning ended up being something different in the end (Flynn says Gable and him never cuddled in the beginning of their relationship which is inaccurate as they did cuddle, how they never slept close together before the accident when, in fact, they did) and other things like that.

I also felt like the second half of the story was a whole setup for the sequel (featuring Hunter and Grant). A lot of the scenes in the story were also unnecessary and just seemed like a filler. The timeline around the events had me questioning whether it was accurate or not. I also felt like the writing ranged between stunted and choppy. It made reading a bit difficult especially when it seemed to drag a bit.

With that said, I did like the story to some extent. I liked the characters enough and I liked the conflict regarding Gable's leg. I found that interesting although I had a problem coping with Gable's semi-easy acceptance of its loss considering he was so anti-amputation.

All in all, this was an okay story. I liked the beginning but I wasn't so fond of the rest. I liked Flynn even if what he said was counteracting other things he said and did. I think this will be a hit or miss with others, though, so I encourage people to still try reading it and make up your own mind whether you liked the story or not.