Fair Game  - Patricia Briggs 4.5 stars

I thought this was a great addition to the Alpha & Omega series that happens a few years after Hunting Ground.

In this one we see Anna and Charles try to work through the consequences of having the werewolves known to humans because Charles' job as the Marrok's enforcer becomes more prominent causing a bit of strain on their relationship. We also get a lovely mystery about multiple murders (of the magic kind) which drew me in from the start. It had me guessing who could be doing it all and I found it fascinating especially with the suspense thrown in.

I loved Anna and Charles. Anna is totally kick ass in this one (again) and she's gotten the hang of her powers so it's pretty awesome. She's much more confident in herself so there's no trace of the insecure wolf she used to be. Charles is even more closemouthed than he usually is. He goes through a lot and the fact the Marrok makes him do his job so much is taking its toll on Charles. :(

I adored the story but I did have a problem with it. I didn't much like how we got POVs from other people beside Anna and Charles. While I enjoyed them I did get a little frustrated because there seemed to be more from other people than from Anna and Charles and all I wanted was to go back to them. I think that's my only complaint.

I loved how we got more information about the mate bond between Anna and Charles and were able to see them actually as a couple who are (mostly) comfortable with each other. I got a kick out of Anna reconfirming her status with her mate and I liked that Anna is more comfortable with sex now because there was definitely a hot scene or two XP. And I never realized how snarky and how much black humor Charles had. He gave me a few chuckles especially since Anna was the only one who knew when he was joking.

The ending was a total shocker. One that I really had no idea was going to happen but will definitely shake up this series and the Mercy Thompson series. Definitely looking forward to the next book by Patricia Briggs!