Bollywood Desires - Lavinia Lewis I really enjoyed this story. It's kind of sweet, a bit sexy and extremely fun.

I loved both Brent and Raj. The way Brent is so adamant about keeping things professional but still unable to resist the charms Raj puts on him was adorable, IMO. I found it funny, too, because he really has no will power when it comes to Raj. LOL. Raj was just plain sexy. He wouldn't stop until he had Brent in his clutches. And even though he only got teases of what he and Brent could have, he wouldn't let go or give up. I really liked that about him. I thought these two made a great couple, though. Their desires are the same, even if they may seem like they are not and they'll both stop at nothing to achieve them.

The plot revolves around Raj having to hire Brent's bodyguard company because he's getting threatening letters from an anonymous person. The sparks fly immediately between Brent and Raj and the tension between them is thick. Whomever is threatening Raj is threatening his career, his reputation and threatening to out Raj to the public. The story is at times intense and slow moving. It focuses heavily on the relationship Brent and Raj develop and has, what I thought was, a good enough mystery to keep me interested.

I enjoyed the story, I really did, and I wouldn't say I had problems with it but more like I wish a few things were more elaborated on. Like, I wished the mystery had a bit more focus within the story. It's a nice mystery but I kind of wished there would have been more blackmail letters, more threats and such. Also, since the IIFA's, a Bollywood awards event, were important within Raj's life (it dictated his decisions) I wished there had been more of a spotlight on it when the scene for it finally came. I think I would have liked to see a bit more into the event. I also wished there had been more of a focus on Raj's life after the effects of coming out.

All in all, I really liked the story. It was interesting and tensive. I loved the characters and the plot had a nice feel to it. Definitely something I'd recommend :)