Laurel Heights - Lisa Worrall Well, I have to say this book had a lot of things going for it. Lots of banter, some hot guys, lots of tension. It was definitely a fun and sexy read.

After reading this story, it's easy to say Will and Scott have to be one of my top ten favorite couples. Possibly top five. They are both so cute and cocky. The way they both have this impression of the other that is completely off was hysterical to me. The way they hated each other and their nonstop bickering gave me several laughs considering they had these little sparring matches while trying to act like a loving couple. I couldn't stop laughing once they'd start throwing innocent insults towards each other. They both are way more than they appear, though. Each man has their own appeal not just to each other but I think to the reader as well. I know I loved Will because of his soft heart but I also loved Scott because he's cocky and brash. Both men speak their mind and that creates lots of yummy sexual tension between them.

The plot revolves around Will and Scott going undercover as a gay couple in a small private gay community to find the murderer of another loving gay couple. While posing as a pair in love might be easy, or not so easy, for them, staying true to the straight guy persona they both have is a bit more difficult when this small community has a special 'gathering' once a month. Even with the tension of trying to find the murderer, the intensity between Scott and Will sky rockets when their desires for each other becomes more and more noticeable and undeniable. It's interesting to see how these two men who essentially hated each other can grow into such a hot couple while having to deal with everything else the small community has to offer.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the story, there are a few reasons I can't give this book five stars. The epilogue is the main reason. It basically leads us to believe everything will start all over. I was actually disappointed with it because now there needs to be a sequel or else I'll be completely pissed. I mean, we went through the whole book finding the killer, learning of his reasons and bringing him to justice and then we learned it was all for nothing? That even though he's been caught he's still going to be doing everything all over again and with the help of someone else in the small community that we are to believe is a trusted confidant of the victim??? What the fuck! Another thing is I was very uncomfortable with the almost orgies. I understand some things needed to happen but I didn't like them. And I sure as hell didn't like that Will and Scott had to make out with all the other couples OUTSIDE the orgies almost whenever they met up anywhere. It pissed me off. I didn't want to read about that.

The book was very well written except for a few slip ups. There were a few inconsistencies I noticed and one or two scenes where a random head hop would make itself known. It was unexpected because the story was going so well then all of a sudden the scene would start from Scott's POV and switch to Will's within two or three paragraphs without any indication of a scene break.

In the end, I'd definitely recommend this book. While I did have some faults with the story, I believe they were well worth sitting through to be able to read about Will and Scott's adventure towards a happy ending. And, may I say what a delightful happy ending that was for them. I had a huge grin on my face after reading the last chapter (before the epilogue). On a side note, skip the epilogue. It'll only frustrate you. But definitely read it!