Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Wow, the conclusion to this series seriously rocked everything down to its core, I think. Mockingjay, hands down, has to be the saddest out of the whole series. With Catching Fire ending on such a huge cliffhanger, this book picks up where it left off. With the help of Haymitch, Finnick and some of the other older victors, Katniss is thrust right into the actual heart of the rebels.

It was awesome getting to see how the rebels have ingrained themselves so deep into the Capitol and its missions. I loved seeing Katniss take on such a huge role in becoming the Mockingjay. I admit I thought she was a bit too selfish in this book compared to others but I still had fun reading about what she got herself into and the people willing to risk their lives for her. Peeta wasn't in this one as much as he was in the previous two books and for that I was sad. But the scenes he was in had my heart breaking. I just love that boy so much. We do see a good amount of Gale, Finnich, Johanna, Plutarch and Beetee, though, which I really enjoyed because they are all very different people.

Again, this one wasn't as suspenseful as the first book was (although the last quarter or so had me almost biting my nails) but I was just as fascinated with it as I was the previous two. I loved seeing everything work itself out and seeing Katniss finally realize and do something about the people using her.

Consistent with the rest of the series, a lot of people are lost in this one which is why I consider it the saddest out of the three books. But the ending was just about perfect, in my opinion. Although, I would have liked to have a bit more explanation on Katniss and her life after everything is settled. I will say that I'm ecstatic with who she ends up with!

Even though this is the last in this series, I still hope there will be more one day about Katniss and the rest of the clan. I would really love to know how the new society is thriving and what the next generation has to come.

This is one series I wholeheartedly recommend!