Weregild (Wolf's-own, #2) - Carole Cummings 4.5 stars

While I thought Ghost was a great book, this one turned out to be even better!

This story picks up where Ghost ends, although a few hours after it, with us trying to figure out what Fen's answer to Malick's question was. There is so much more suspense in this story than in the previous one and we see the emotions flow more freely between all the characters. So many dangerous things happen within this story from injuries to sickness to ambushes to losses, it truly left me on the edge of my seat. Fen and Malick do things that I never thought they'd have the heart to do which made the story even more interesting.

While Fen isn't as cold and standoffish as he was before, he is still filled with hatred and anger. He needs to be in control and curses at everything that takes that control away from him. He still stands on that edge of insanity but multiple factors cause him to almost lose his mind completely. Malick is still arrogant and carefree but I believe he does show his emotions towards Fen more freely now. While we don't necessarily meet new people in this one, we do get to know Fen's family more as well as more of Malick's 'family'.

In all honesty, I loved this book so much. I couldn't put it down once I started and devoured it just like I did the previous book. It's all just so detailed. It allows you to actually delve into the characters minds so deeply I thought I was truly connected to each character. I understood them. Most of the time. I ached for them. I mourned for their losses and their grief because I felt that close of a connection to all of them. I was able to understand and evaluate the chaos of all their thoughts but more specifically I was able to do that with Fen which I found truly awesome because of the edge of insanity he stands precariously on. The way his mind was told was strange and fascinating and I couldn't help but be intrigued.

I will say I was shocked by some of the things that happened within the story but mostly by the ending and what happened. I'm so curious whether these turn of events will truly help Fen and allow him to live a normal life or if it'll just make matters worse and finally push him off that ledge he stands on.

I still had a few problems with the book like I did with the first in the series. The various POV shifts between a lot of the characters, both main and secondary, grew a little tiresome because I always wanted more of Fen or Malick or a certain scene from their POV instead of someone else's. Also, there was still a slight problem with the run-on monologues which I tended to notice happened a lot with secondary characters.

All in all, definitely a great addition to this series. This is one of my favorite series now because the world and the characters are truly fascinating but more than that, the way Ms. Cummings writing captures and holds my attention so well is truly amazing. I can't wait to read more about Fen and Malick and see where the events that happened in this book take them. Definitely recommended!