Seizing It - Chris T. Kat I'm not really sure how I feel about this book. At first I was a bit creeped out with it because not only is my first name the MC's name (spelled the Russian way) but my last name is used in the book as well as the exact age, breed and name of my dog. Creepy. More than that, one minute I was liking the book, the next I was frustrated and annoyed.

It revolves around Nikita, a.k.a Kit, getting attacked by a stalker in the grocery store parking lot. Dale Miller, a big strapping bear of a man, saves Kit. Unwelcome feelings for Dale make Kit act in unnecessary ways because Kit is a broken, damaged young man with epilepsy who needs control and a set schedule to control his disability and Dale threatens that control. However, Dale isn't just a passing stranger, he turns out to be Kit's new boss. Dale proves to be someone who won't allow Kit to ignore or avoid the important stuff and that might possibly be too much for fragile Kit.

Kit was hard for me to like. One minute he's feisty and intense, the next he's meek and apologetic. He's snappish, snarky and sarcastic but also kind and sweet. He has a knack for jumping to conclusions then blowing up over the conclusions he jumps to. In a way, Dale is prefect for Kit because Dale is calm, collected and patient while Kit is damaged, insecure and irrational. I liked Dale, though, because of the way he handled Kit in a gentle manner.

I had a few problems with this story. While I believe the plot was interesting, I did enjoy the boss/employee aspect as well as Kit having epilepsy, the writing style didn't quite suit me. I kept getting distracted by constantly repetitive words as well as repetitive statements by Kit (who is the only voice we read). Beyond that, I didn't like the way a lot of people handled Kit and his disability. It's like they were talking down to him, scolding him like a child (even though he was very irrational). It got aggravating because this was a grown man being essentially told he was being childish and to get over it even though he's just had a rather horrible few days. Then again, Kit's constant need to apologize after blowing up on someone got very annoying. He didn't need to apologize. He had every right to act the way he wanted if that's what he wanted. And it grew tiresome reading about the back and forth attitude.

In the end, I liked some things about this story but didn't enjoy others. I liked the relationship that blossomed between Dale and Kit (although readers should know this is insta-love). I liked that Dale centers Kit in some way and allows Kit to finally deal with his past but I didn't like Kit's constant apologizing or how characters handled Kit. It is ultimately a good plot but it wasn't handled in a way I would have liked it too. My advice, however, is to give it a try if the blurb still interests you.