Treasure - Megan Derr 4.5 stars

It's no secret I'm a huge Megan Derr fan. Every book by her I've read I've loved and this one is no exception.

From the start this book is engaging. The world is made up of all different kinds of people, mythical creatures, customs and traits. The characters themselves are vastly different in not only personalities but appearances. The story has quite a few suspenseful events and a ton of sexual tension. It essentially follows four characters - two couples - Kyo, Kin, Raiden and Taka. In the beginning, the main focus is on Kyo and Kin while the ending revolves a good amount around Raiden and Taka. Both couples are interesting and have their separate problems and interesting resolutions. As well as the roles they play in regards to the Lost Gods.

I will say I loved these characters a lot. Both Kyo and Kin have strong personalities and their stubbornness clashes together for some interesting unsatisfied tension. Although their joining was rather bittersweet for a while because of the quest Kyo sets out on so it left me feeling like there was no hope for them. But fear not! All will work out for the best! Raiden and Taka were different because they weren't trying to refrain from becoming more, Taka was just playing hard to get!

The twists and turns this book took had me enamored with the story. And left me shocked a few times! I couldn't put the book down. Some conflicts and mysteries were a bit predictable but others were quite surprising which made the story very interesting.

My only problems with the book were with the editing mainly. Multiple times names were mixed up, there were inconsistencies with occasional headhopping. I enjoyed the story a lot but I couldn't help but notice how many mistakes there were. Also, I wished there had been more focus on Kyo and Kin. I felt like the farther into their story we went, the less we got of them and more of Taka and Raiden. I just wished we'd have gotten more of Kyo and Kin because the book made it feel like Kyo and Kin were the main couple while Taka and Raiden were a side couple. In the end, it flipped which was a little sad, IMO.

Overall, I loved the story. This is definitely a series I'll be looking forward to reading more of because the world is so fascinating and the characters are just as interesting!