I Am Fallen - Scarlet Blackwell This one was hard to get through. For all those that don't know, this story is bittersweet. While we know what is going to happen from the very beginning, it does not lessen how much I cried in the end.

I was a big baby in this one, I admit. Usually it takes a lot for me to cry but this story was too close to home for me to remain stoic. Jacob is a man diagnosed with breast cancer. As a way to die peacefully, he moves alone to Scotland. In his pain, he's visited by the beautiful angel, Lucifer. While Lucifer isn't Jacob's guardian angel, he still feels a draw towards Jacob he can't resist. They come to depend on one another. Lucifer brings Jacob company and a way to counteract the pain while Jacob makes Lucifer realize he still holds emotions.

This is really a sad story. Jacob is in so much pain and misery over a lost love and the unjustness of his cancer at a young age. He's a bit bitter towards God which makes the story all the more excruciating. Lucifer is just as heartbreaking because he's unaccustomed to wanting to be near a human and having to deal with that desire.

What readers need to know, is this isn't really a romance. Sure, there are romantic elements (i.e. feelings, love and affection) but there is no undying love between Lucifer and Jacob. Sorry to break it to you but Lucifer and Jacob are like comfort food. They find in each other what they couldn't find in their real true loves. HOWEVER, the story does explore Lucifer's love, Raphael, and a bit of Jacob's love, Lucien. It's sweet the way these two feel but heartbreaking as well.

Even with all the tears I shed and how much I was enjoying the story, I still had a few problems. Mainly the ending. It leaves a lot to be desired because it ends so oddly (not in relation to Jacob, though). It just left me with so many questions. I wanted to know what Raphael went through to have been so damaged in the end. Also, does this now mean Raphael is a fallen angel? Would God really be so callous as to rip out his WINGS? Or was this Michael's doing? And if it was Michael's doing, did he do it at the hands of God's okay?! What a bigoted fucker if that's true! I also didn't like how contradictory Lucifer was at times.

Beyond that, this story was amazing. Most likely others will not think as much or cry as much as I did but the story was still great. It's sad and heartbreaking but extremely touching. It's angsty for sure but I'm glad I read it, it shed some much needed light on love and lose. Definitely recommended to those brave enough to read it! :D