Country Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov Recently I've acquired this taste for tourist-like stories so this book actually fit it perfectly. Not only is Owen from America and visiting London but the story is cute, sweet, sensual and I just about gobbled it up.

While I was expecting a kind of sweet story based on the blurb and title, I wasn't expecting a lighthearted and fun one (at least not with this duo O.o). But that is what I got and I'm glad I did because it fit my mood perfectly.

Owen is laid-back and down to earth but he has a pretty good, solid look on life. He knows what he wants and he's just stubborn enough to get it and not be walked all over. Malcolm is uptight, high-strung and a workaholic. He's not used to being baffled, confused or disobeyed but that's exactly what Owen does.

I enjoyed this book very much. Not just because of the theme but also because, just like with any other Lane or Voinov book, I was able to actually feel the emotions of the characters. I liked how appropriately bewildered Malcolm was about Owen but also how Owen couldn't seem to resist Malcolm. But most of all I liked how easy, fun and lighthearted the story was. My only complaint is there was too much sex for my tastes.

In all, this was definitely a keeper and one I know I'll be re-reading in the future. I do hope Lane and Voinov write more books together because I thought they worked quite well as a pair.