Written in the Stars - Alix Bekins This was my first book by Ms. Bekins and I must say I'm surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I'm always skeptical reading new authors (although that never stops me) but this story drew me in right from the start with its wit, sarcasm and fun plot.

The blurb does a pretty good job of highlighting the main points of what the story is about. The 'experiment' Bailey plays out is quite a big part of the story, actually, and not only is it hysterical what Bailey gets himself into but his wallowing in self-pity over having to write an accursed astrology column is absolutely hilarious. I very much enjoyed it.

Part of the fun of this story is the characters. Bailey is, essentially, the mad scientist but without a lab. He's a fact checker for John's magazine and never holds back how low he's stooped since he's such a 'genius' physicists. John is ex-air force and, more often than not, amused by Bailey's suffering. They are quite the pair, bickering and bantering, throwing barbs and insults. Honestly, I had so much fun with this story I wanted it to last forever. It also helps these two are friends for most of the story so it's a slow, sweet coupling.

While I liked the story, the run-on sentences in Bailey's POV grew a tad annoying. Not to mention the fact this physicists likes to 'think' and 'say' big words. I got confused a lot because of it :( Also, by the end of the story I was wondering what in the world happened to John's POV? He's there in the beginning (which I really, really loved) then just disappears. I would have liked to get his POV during a few of the scenes.

Overall, definitely a great story. If you're looking for something cute and funny with obnoxious but witty characters and something easy to read, pick this one up because it's all the above and more. :)