Different Spheres - Cari Z. For such a short book, this story holds a lot of punch.

I enjoyed this story because of how it was told. Gil is in need of help and Warren is more than willing to give it and more. I liked the way Gil was not ashamed to ask for help and I liked the way Warren was not affected or disgusted by Gil's illness.

Their relationship is sweet in the sense it slowly blossoms. They start out as neighbors then turn to friends then turn to lovers who are more than willing to put up with each other's faults. And we actually get to see their development. I cried a bit when Warren talked about his past relationship and was both saddened and appalled by Gil's.

I just wished we could have seen more of the feelings Warren was hiding from Gil. But I do believe the way it was handled was done quite well and sincerely hope there will be more of Gil and Warren to come because I loved these boys and their story. Definitely recommended.