Brothers In Arms (Recon Diaries, #1) - Kendall McKenna 3.5 stars

This is a hard book to rate. I enjoyed the story for the military aspect of it but the romance is quite lacking, in my opinion.

I'm a sucker for a good military story and you don't find many out there that deals with the soldiers actually in the war and following their daily duties, at least I haven't. I thought this book did a pretty good job of embracing the fact these Marines are in Iraq and the jobs they are tasked to do there. I liked the descriptions and the mysteriousness of what Jonah has to go through being a Gunnery Sergeant.

I enjoyed Jonah because he's a bit stoic but he still has a somewhat black sense of humor. I loved the funny, playful insults between all the Marines. Their bickering and bantering gave me a few laughs especially because they all had history together and knew each others little quirks. We don't get much of Kellan but I liked how he's so bossy as an ex-Captain but pretty much pliant when it comes to sex.

The beginning was a bit confusing for me. I hate reading about memos. I also do not like flashback sex and this story has a pretty long and detailed scene of Jonah and Kellan's first and only night together. But beyond that, Kellan doesn't come into the story until more than halfway through. That, unfortunately, was my main problem with the story. Because there isn't a lot of romance or couple time, the ending feels too abrupt.

In all, I really enjoyed the story. I think what is lacked in romance is more than made up for in suspense and action because there is a ton of that which is why the story appealed to me so much. I just wished there had been more to the story to incorporate the lack of romance. But that's just me. Still recommended.