Just Perfect - Rowan McBride While this story is slightly strange, I really enjoyed it. Everything that happens in this book caught my attention and didn't want to let go to the point I just had to keep reading.

One of the things I enjoyed about this story was the way the relationship was handled. While some people won't like it, I rather enjoyed the fact that Cody gave Draven a run for his money. In the beginning, Draven had all the control over Cody, even though Cody didn't know it. Then years later when they meet again, Cody is the one with all the control and Draven is left groveling at his feet. Oh, how I love it when arrogant, obnoxious characters are metaphorically slapped across the face and told to sit and stay.

I liked the story itself because Draven is an assassin. I enjoyed the fact that Cody develops into a strong-willed man and I definitely liked the twist that happens at the end. Although it is a bit strange and I'm not totally sure of my exact feelings with how it turned out.

My only problems with the story is the heritage and history of being a drayner isn't exactly elaborated on so there's not much detail on the world or species itself. Which was sad because I'd have really liked to know the ins and outs of drayners. Also, it ended rather abruptly so the story kind of feels a bit open-ended.

Overall, I really enjoyed the story. While I wouldn't consider this a traditional romance, the story was good enough for me not to want to stop reading. Cody and Draven's relationship ends a bit weird but I still liked it and I'm really looking forward to more of these two and seeing how their story progresses.