Confessions - Carol Lynne 3.5 stars

I liked this one a lot. I enjoyed the overall story and the characters (mostly) but some parts really annoyed me so in the end I really liked the story.

This book is mostly focused on Priest as opposed to Luke, though. I didn't like Priest in the beginning not because of who he is or what he does for a living (because I love assassins and messed up characters) but because of his way of handling Luke. It's nothing bad or harmful he just had a tendency to not pay attention to Luke while they were having sex. Thinking of this and that, past lovers, pictures, anything but focusing on Luke which really pissed me off because what was the point of being there if you're not going to focus on your lover? I can understand why he'd do it (he didn't want Luke to become his weakness by letting his emotions for Luke grow) but thinking of past lovers while screwing a current one is one big no-no in my opinion.

I loved Luke. At first I couldn't remember who he was but then I remembered he was Kenny's friend and that I really liked him. I liked his troubles and his problems. I liked that he desired Priest so much and that Priest desired him just as much. The only thing about Luke that annoyed me was his past relationship with Stretch. I have no idea who that is. He must have been mentioned in Kenny's book, Making the Grade, but since that was so many books ago I can't remember anything about it so all the references Luke made to being 'used' and such went right over my head because I had no idea what he was talking about :(

While I enjoyed this book a lot, I think it could have used more pages and more explanations on a few things. The ending felt too abrupt for me (especially since I wanted to see a certain someone actually being tortured) and my first thought when it did end was, 'Holy crap, did this end in the middle of a paragraph?' I enjoyed the conflict within the story and that was detailed enough for my liking but the events around the conflict are short and nondescript. I would have liked more conversations between Luke and Priest, about themselves, and basically just more 'them' time. As it is, both Priest and Luke are shallow characters, what we know of them is what we've essentially learned from past books and a little about their past from this one. It wasn't enough to satisfy my urge for more of who they are and who they were, though.

However, while there are some plot holes I really enjoyed the book. I loved the characters (in Priest's case, I grew to love him eventually), I liked the plot and the book was strangely captivating. I didn't want to stop reading it once I started even with some of the inconsistencies and questions I had. This happens with all the Cattle Valley books. As long as I love the characters and I have that strong desire to keep reading, I don't much care what else happens in the book. So, all I have to say is if you've liked the Cattle Valley series so far and have kept up with it, you'll like this one. I thought it was a nice read.