Love Means... No Boundaries - Andrew  Grey I'm really loving the Love Means... series. All of them are about healing the main characters in some way and in this book, it's all about healing Joey of his insecurity, to cope with what happened to him and about Robbie breaking away from the safe life he's had since he became blind.

It's always interesting to me to read a story with a MC that has a disability and because Robbie is blind, it made the story quite interesting. He's a sweet and kind man who likes to express his feelings through his violin and he made beautiful music with it. Joey is also a sweet and kind man but he's become slightly bitter because of the reactions he gets with his scarred face. Robbie, however, is able to bring out the best in Joey and make him realize that just because his face is scarred, he's still beautiful.

I think one of the reasons the Love Means... series appeals to me so much is because of how nice and generous Geoff and Eli are. They take in anyone, no matter who they are, how long they've known them, or how long they'll stay. It's rather touching. In this case, it's no different. Geoff and Eli take in Joey after he has his accident and his mom leaves for Florida. Then, months later, Geoff and Eli agree to house Robbie while he's in town with the National Youth Symphony. It doesn't take long for Joey and Robbie to get closer. Both are brokenhearted when Robbie has to leave but they still keep in touch and it only takes a few weeks before Joey flies to Mississippi to visit Robbie. Then, it's up to Robbie if the relationship he and Joey have is enough to leave his cushioned and safe life for life on the farm with Joey.

Overall, this was a great book and a great continuation to the series. Definitely recommended.