Conviction (Dominion, #3) - Lissa Kasey I discovered this series at the beginning of the year and became hooked. I loved the writing, the characters, the world and the plots. Everything about this series intrigued me. I anxiously awaited reading this story since I heard of it and while the story was good, I don't necessarily feel it lived up to the other stories in the series or did justice to Kelly and Jamie's relationship.

I loved Kelly and Jamie in the previous books. They were both intriguing and interesting. Their characteristics were funny, cute and engaging. In this one, however, I didn't feel like they were the same people. Both of them are stubborn, secretive and a bit annoying. They complained about the other withholding secrets or doing something that made the other jealous but then they went around and did the same things. I wanted to smack these boys more often than not because they just weren't communicating, even over the littlest things, and when they did communicate it was with sex.

The first thing I thought of when the mystery started was of a horror flick. Stranded in an isolated place, mysterious and unnatural things happening, people disappearing and some poisoning. I mean, come on. Total horror flick. Which I found highly amusing and really did enjoy because I do love horror movies. The mystery itself is pretty self-explanatory and a bit obvious. You pretty much know who's doing what, why and how if you've read the previous stories.

Even with all that, I did like the story. It wasn't up to par as the stories surrounding Sei and Gabe (I just don't think Ms. Kasey puts as much passion into Kelly and Jamie as she does Sei and Gabe). The writing is still great but the purposely keeping things from each other grew tiresome because there was no reason for them to be doing such things. I didn't feel the connection between them because they never actually progressed as a couple. They are still pretty much in the same place as they were before this story. Although, I did like the few parts in which they acted normal and spoke about mundane things as well as the parts with Sei and Gabe.

All in all, a nice story although not as good as I was expecting. I enjoyed the plots outside the characters more than I enjoyed the characters themselves. I won't say I'm exactly disappointed, more that I'm sad Kelly and Jamie's relationship turned into something so stubborn, deceptive and sometimes hostile. I would read more of them, though, if they were somehow given a story that didn't revolve around them constantly keeping things from each other. On a side note, I'm still really looking forward to the next story in the series.