Deadly Secrets - Savannah Hartley 4.5 stars

I put off reading this book for a while because of the 'to be continued' ending. The cover intrigued me so much I just couldn't hold off anymore and I'm glad I finally read it.

Right from the start I was drawn into the story because Jamie was an interesting and intriguing character. I was trying to figure out how this story would go, how it would progress and where it would end up but I could never predict it which is another reason I enjoyed this story. It's so filled with twists and turns, shocking and gory moments, and weird conflicts and creatures. Honestly, I was so enamored with this story I sulked for a few days because the sequel wasn't out yet.

I just couldn't get passed how much I enjoyed this book. It's not really a romance but there is a bit of sexual tension between Jamie and another. I loved the characters because they're funny, cute with just a hint of being dangerous. The world this is set in is both different and intriguing because it spins a unique tale on the traditional paranormal creatures while adding some mythical creatures as well. The conflict is a bit predictable in the whole running for your life type thing but it's also given its unique spin on it all.

Of course, while I loved the book, it wasn't without its faults. For one, while the journal entries were interesting, I kind of got annoyed with them because they happened right when I wanted more of something else to happen. Another thing is the first half of the story was solely from Jamie's POV then second half other POVs are thrown into the mix (even secondary and third characters) which led to a bit of head-hopping whenever there was more than one person in the scene. There was also the fact these 'students' who are in college seemed more like high school prima donnas and adolescents than mature adults.

In the end, I'm glad I finally read this one. It was something I very much enjoyed. I'm really looking forward to the sequel and I hope it comes out quick because I desperately want more of this world and these characters!