A Chance Encounter - Gale Stanley I thought this was a very interesting concept which intrigued me a great deal.

While the story is nice and mostly smooth, it doesn't go into much detail. You don't know much about the characters, their lives or the circumstances revolving around Hybrids. You only really know the basics about them and because not much is elaborated on, everything seems too fast paced. I didn't really know the characters or how they could fall in love so fast. Especially since there was no 'destined mates' to explain the quick love.

Still, the story was cute enough and I did like it because the story is sweet and what you do know about Adam and Chance might make you sympathetic to them. I was just hoping we'd get more information on everything pertaining to the shifters since they were lab-made instead of born or turned. Hopefully we'll find out more about them in the next books because the story was intriguing enough to continue the series and the characters were likable even if they were a bit two dimensional.

Recommended to those looking for a quick, non-traditional shifters story.