Hard Tail - J.L. Merrow This was a cute, funny read. I enjoyed it a lot.

Tim is the type of guy that is so deeply in the closet people think he's homophobic because he gets flustered and snappish over the simplest of words hinting at homosexuals. It's cute in a way. I enjoyed the struggle Tim went through after his life gets pretty much turned upside down and he starts to get uncontrollable feelings for a friend of his brother's. I loved, loved, loved how much of an adorable klutz Matt was. Every time Matt was in a scene I couldn't help but smile because he's so cute and seems so innocent when he's not. I really liked the way Matt and Tim's relationship developed from not knowing one another to becoming friends to finally becoming lovers.

While I really loved the story, I had some trouble with it. The beginning was confusing for me. I couldn't understand what was going on. After that, I really hated Tim's mother so much I just couldn't get passed her behavior or forgive her for the way she acted all of Tim's life (not even with the ending). Based on those two facts, I'd have given this five stars but I can't because of Adam and Tim. There are some things I just hate and what happens between them (even though they only got close and didn't actually succeed) I cannot get over. And because of that, I'm lowering my rating. I'm unreasonable when it comes to some things, even if some people think it's 'justifiable' but I don't. I can't stand sex outside the couple, or soon to be couple, especially when there's feelings there for each other. And what makes it worse is Tim didn't even want to do anything with Adam yet he still did. Multiple times. Almost to the point of popping his cherry. I can't get over that because it dimmed my enjoyment of the story.

In the end, I loved the book, I honestly did even if some things weren't exactly to my tastes. The story is sweet with a lot of funny lines (Wolverine was hysterical). I know I'll be re-reading this someday (and skipping a few certain scenes) because it was just that good. Definitely recommended for everyone and anyone looking for something that is light-hearted with just a touch of angst.

Also, you don't need to read Pricks and Pragmatism to read this story.