Werewolf at the Zoo - Charlie Richards This was a pretty amusing read. I liked the story, although, there was nothing extravagant about it.

The story kind of follows two couples - Rainy & Travis and Cliff & Lisa - which I didn't really like even if Cliff & Lisa relationship was very far in the background. Her opinion of everything was just too much apart of the story for me. While the characters are nice, the Irish accent got a bit annoying because I felt like it was only there on certain words like 'ye' but not really on any other words.

The plot is pretty generic although the fact Cliff was captured and put in a zoo was highly amusing as was Travis dislike of snakes. I liked the fact Travis was in the closet because at least that made Rainy actually 'court' Travis a bit. However, the conflict with Travis' parents was a pretty obvious because you know why a certain person does what he does.

All in all, a nice, quick read for those looking for a typical shifter story. I will say these stories are very addicting for me and I know I'll be reading the next one relatively soon.