Determined Mate (Holland Brothers, #2) - Toni Griffin This is my least favorite of the series. Honestly, I think I hated it.

I couldn't really get into this one and I really have no idea why. I mean, I liked it but it didn't pull me in at all. I struggled through each chapter even with how short this story was.

Jason was cute and Alex was sexy but I didn't feel a connection between them. Then again, with these types of stories there generally isn't any connection but I at least feel something usually but not with this one.

I felt like their conflict was a bit underwhelming. The fact that Jason is so broken is part of that conflict (he was raped) yet he never dealt with that and had no problems with having boat loads of sex with Alex. Through this whole story I had question after question. Some about how Jason couldn't telepathically speak to Alex when he was physically paralyzed not mentally; how who Jason was running from was able to find him even though where he used to live was days away and he gave no hint at where he was going. Even for this one, I could not suspend belief unfortunately.

Okay, I wouldn't say I hated it but maybe I just wasn't in the mood for it? It was too slow in the beginning then it was way too rushed in the end. I felt like everything was being repeated over and over. It was very hard for me to enjoy it especially since there was so much sex and by the time I was finished with the story all I could feel was relief it was over. :-/

I'd like to say I can't recommend this book but I do think you should read it if you want to read the rest of the series which I am enjoying the series as a whole. I do like this couple better in the next few books.