Forbidden Mate - Toni Griffin My favorite out of the series because I liked the whole rejecting aspect of the story.

I liked the angst that was caused because of Jake and Rick's ten year separation. The fact they are forced into being in close quarters for almost a week created some tension I desperately needed. But I loved the way Rick and Jake acted and how Liam had a part in it all.

Of course, this story isn't without its faults. The reason Jake rejected Rick was a little ridiculous and the conflict associated with Jake's father was one of those what the f*ck moments. It was just... stupid.

Still, I really enjoyed this one. I liked how it involved more of understanding the mpreg portion of the series. I was sad Rick didn't get pregnant. I really want him to get pregnant damnit! He'd be so cute. ^_^

I'd recommend this series, though, because they are addicting even if they aren't exactly extraordinary.