Sunshine's Kiss - Stormy Glenn I liked this one quite a bit. The blurb doesn't give much away but this story consists of just about everything from abusive past relationships, mates, shifters, vamps, fae, mpreg and even royalty. I was actually pleasantly shocked when I saw hints of the mpreg because I honestly did not expect it.

The story is a bit too sweet sometimes and also a bit back and forth because Sam easily caves to Jesse but then fears and rejects him again and again. It got a bit annoying but was kind of cute the way Jesse acted like a kicked puppy sometimes.

The way the book headed was kind of all over the place because it had so many different elements in the story. Some were a bit obvious while others where kind of like being blind-sided they just suddenly popped up. But I felt like the whole Desmond thing was a bit of a stretch. I was confused by some of the things in the story (like Jesse's dad. Can you say psycho?) and do have questions about it all.

But, I actually like the way this story is heading and the variety of different things the series will have. I'm really looking forward to reading about the rest of the brothers and to see if any of them will get pregnant and what Sam ends up popping out of his belly. I did really enjoy this one because it provided me with a few mindless hours of amusement.