Accepting His Animal - Charlie Richards 3.5 stars

This is probably my favorite of the series so far. I like the uniqueness of the shifters this time especially the combo they make. An elephant and a tiger would not be my first guess as to mates but these two were cute because Gordon wasn't perfect.

He's a far cry from the usual totally physically fit guy because his animal requires him to be fatty around the middle. I found that adorable. I also liked the fact Gordon was still emotionally traumatized by his past and how Grady was patient in trying to get Gordon to understand and accept his animal. Grady's aversion to technology though really made me chuckle because he seriously hates cellphones.

This ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and the action scenes were good but too short IMO. I also thought the story needed better editing considering there were a few name mix ups and missing words. But I liked the story a lot and as I've said before this series is addicting. On to the next one soon!