The Wolfing Way - Susan Laine When I found this book I was very intrigued. Not only is the cover just phenomenal but the blurb mentioned mates and arranged marriages with more than just a hint of reluctance. I was eager to start it.

What I found was a nice story filled with the usual mates but with a spin to it because Kris and Rafael never actually see each other when they find out they are mates. It was refreshing in a way because of the world this story is set in and the organization that helps shifters find their mates. I love mating stories very much but I love arranged marriages even more and the way this story is told alludes to it being more of an arranged marriage. I really liked that aspect of the story.

Kris starts out being a stubborn, snarky guy. He doesn't like being told he now has to pack up and move across the country to be with his so called mate. Rafael was pretty soft-spoken and a little needy but I found that kind of cute. I liked how they go from being hostile to reluctantly intrigued to very much okay with their new arrangement.

The worse thing this story had going for it, though, was the lack of important details. I kind of felt like I was reading more of an outline than an actual story because we miss so many details about the world, the characters, the developing relationship and the way these wolves act and live. I was a little saddened that a lot of things weren't explained and bewildered when Kris did a complete 180 from not wanting to mate to all of a sudden telling Rafael he wouldn't leave.

Overall, I liked the story. It has a certain charm to it. It was cute, gave me a few smiles and had its own unique world. I enjoyed it but I'm hoping any sequels that follow have more details because I don't want to feel confused and left with questions again.