Armed & Dangerous - Abigail Roux It's taken me a few weeks to come to terms with what I wanted to write about this book and with all the reviews written already I'm sure I don't even need to write one so I'm going to be brief (mostly).

If you don't already know, you should read Warrior's Cross before reading Armed & Dangerous because Cam and Jules play a pretty big role in this book. If you don't read WC then you won't be able to grasp some of the trials within this story like how difficult it is for Jules to get frustrated and upset and show it. But let me tell you, Ty pisses Jules off something FIERCE! And it makes Jules so off balanced that I enjoyed this new side we never got to see before.

It's not hard for me to stay I loved this story. From the start I was ensnared and did not want to put this story down. There's suspense, a bit of mystery, definitely some sweet and touching moments with the usual dash of funny snark that had me laughing my ass off constantly. Honestly I don't ever see a time where I won't love a Ty and Zane book. I honestly don't.

The story takes place mostly on the road since Ty and Zane are tasked with a sort of recovery job. It made the story a bit different from the others because Ty and Zane are actually able to be themselves for a majority of the book. And let me tell you, them broadcasting their true selves and feelings? Freaking hot! I absolutely loved the fact they freely express what they feel now without shame or confusion or even hesitance. It's truly something remarkable because I've been with these boys from the start and seeing them finally blossoming into this type of relationship is just amazing to me.

In the end, another great addition to the Cut & Run series. I truly love the direction all these books have taken. I feel like they are each different in their own way. They are never boring to me and Ty and Zane's relationship continues to develop so strongly in each book that I'm satisfied with what they've overcome emotionally and always want to know what will happen next. I loved seeing Cam and Jules in this story because we even got to know them better than before. Anxiously awaiting Stars & Stripes and can't wait to see what happens next! Ms. Roux did an awesome job transitioning into the sole author in this series.

P.S. I totally want to buy some of Ty's shirts! They are freaking hilarious!