Honor Bound - Stormy Glenn 3.5 stars

There's not many books by Stormy Glenn I don't like. In fact, I quite enjoy her stories because they are easy and simple to read and she always writes themes I enjoy very much. With this story Ms. Glenn does a great job of making it unique enough to stick out. With Ein being a demi-god and Radulfr turning into a Berserkr, it made for quite an entertaining and intriguing plot.

While the story is most certainly fluff (insta-love, overused cute nicknames and constant words of love) I really liked it. The story had me captivated and I was ready to read more when I finished. I liked the characters (even though Ein will surely be too much of a woman for some) I really liked that. It made Radulfr that much more possessive and jealous over Ein. I found it cute.

However, the story had a lot of problems. Constant inconsistencies, bad editing (on not just sentence structures but even names) and above that I have so many questions about the story (the gods, the baby, the pregnancy, what happened to some people, etc.) There are a ton of plot holes that just opened up even more questions and it ends in a way that leaves you really hanging but it's not technically a cliffhanger because all I wanted was more info on their new lives and the baby! There was also the fact that while this is historical, none of the characters talked like they were. I was a little disappointed with that because they were Vikings but they talked like they were modern day adults. I don't know why that stood out so much to me but I noticed it almost from the beginning. Oh, and these names were so full of consonants I had no idea how to even pronounce them! It was a bit distracting so I eventually had to shorten them to Rad, Ali, Ul, Bal, etc.

All in all, I really liked the story. There's just something about it that made me like it so much even with all the problems I had. It's not a perfect book and for those who are looking to just critique the story should move right on by because it won't be for them. But for those who are looking for something nice and light with enough elements in a story to make it stand out from others, give it a try. It was a nice start to a new series and I'm looking forward to what comes next.