Accepting His Human - Charlie Richards As with the other stories in this series, this one was cute. I liked the story because it forced Ailean to get passed his distaste for humans since his mate is a human.

I also liked the fact that Drake had an unintentional part in the issues related to these new superhuman people the pack has been in contact with in the past. Then there's the fact that Lyle was found again and what he now is. While the story isn't original, I liked the simplistic style of the story. It was easy and nice to read.

That's not to say it doesn't have its faults. The book needed better editing especially with name mix ups and missing words from sentences. I was also confused sometimes on who was saying what. It could have been my format but I also think it was an over use of the pronoun 'he'. I wished there would have been more details about everything. Like for instance with the whole Lyle situation. There wasn't even a hint that he was growing scales until it was stated they were receding. And how Drake did not know what his findings were being tested towards blows my mind because aren't scientists anal about that sort of thing?

Still, in the end, I liked the story. Ailean was a bit of an asshole but I liked the added issue of his mate being human with all the things humans have done to him. I'm looking forward to reading Lyle and Todd's story. Seriously, this series is addicting even if they aren't exactly extravagant.