The Shift - Kate Sherwood This is definitely an intriguing story. Based in a sort of post-apocalyptic setting, this story also dabbles in the paranormal and deals with genetically altered humans. I enjoyed the story because of the compelling elements within the plot but I also felt like it had so much potential but didn't live up to said potential.

I liked the characters and how different they were. Cash is a stubborn, careless but funny man who believes in what's right but wants answers for why he's supposed to do things. Toby is a bit uptight and in control because he needs to be with what he is. They match up because Toby grounds Cash while Cash gives Toby the ability to let go. I really enjoyed that fact.

However, this story was so short, it read more like an outline than an actual book. It was too rushed and while there are details, there aren't enough. This world is so extravagant, it could have been explored more and the story could have been truly awesome if it was taken slow. Especially with the fact that Cash and Toby spend maybe two days together in all (half of it in bed together) but once they separate they acted like they'd known each other years. There was no connection between them, though, so it was hard to understand where these feelings of such intense longing and protectiveness were coming from.

Overall, I liked the story. It wasn't as good as I was expecting and I don't believe it lived up to its potential but it was a nice, quick book with enough happening and enough suspense for me to keep reading. The world is definitely intriguing and the characters are nice together but their connection isn't shown, it's told. I wouldn't be opposed to reading another story set in this world, maybe one that actually explores Toby and Cash's relationship, but definitely one that delves deeper into these creatures and Cash's team fighting them.