Reluctant Mate - Eden Cole I rather enjoyed this story.

It is simplistic in its plot where Gray, a very rich arrogant man, is forced to take a mate because his father said so. While Lucas, a poor resigned but proud man, agrees to take a mate to help his family out of debt. Gray and Lucas are two very different people because Gray is selfish while Lucas is selfless (he has a big family to feed after all).

In the beginning, I found the fact that they both didn't want to take a male mate (because they're both straight) really cute because they think experimenting with each other to prove there's no connection will be the end of the horrible arranged mating. The story became hotter when they realized they actually have chemistry and even though this story is more than half sex, I liked seeing their transformations from uber straight to being attracted to each other.

Gray is pretty freaked out about being attracted to Lucas so he wavers back and forth between wanting him and never wanting to touch him again. That was one of the things I really liked about the story as well as the fact they actually tried and became friends. Since this is GFY, I enjoyed the emotional struggle of being with a man. Unfortunately, Gray's constant wavering is also what annoyed me. Gray was very focused on proving he wasn't gay so he brought up a lot of women talk to Lucas. It grew tiresome because he kept suggesting they go out for a weekend to pick up chicks. I also didn't really like what happened in the end. Not only is the story more HFN than HEA but one of the last scenes really annoyed me.

In the end, I liked the story and enjoyed it. It's a somewhat typical shifter story except not insta-mate. It's cute and the characters do have a connection but more than once I was annoyed by the characters actions. Still, I do like what they went through and am intrigued by their families. I'll be reading the sequel soon.