Wolf Signs - Vivian Arend One of the things I liked about this story was how the heroine, Robyn, was deaf. She's feisty, spunky and a total alpha female. I even liked Keil, even though it was mentioned a lot that he was such a strong alpha but I never saw that. What I did see were sweet moments in which Robyn and Keil got to know each other and realized they have a lot in common.

Pretty much the only thing wrong with this story was the length. I have a lot of questions about the pack and especially about what's going to happen to Robyn and Keil now. She obviously has to move to Alaska but does she want to? How with the pack accept her? Is she going to use her voice more? Is she going to get a new job?

Anyway, I liked the story. It's quick and cute and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.