Acrobat - Mary Calmes 4.5 stars

Before I started this story, I hadn't read the blurb or even an excerpt but I like Mary Calmes' writing. It's like comfort food for me so I wasn't too worried I wouldn't enjoy the story. And I was right. I loved it so much I didn't want to put it down.

At first, I was worried who the second MC would be. I was praying it would not be the doctor. Thankfully, my prays were more than answered because not only does Nate not end up with the doctor, he ends up with Dreo, the mobster! Um, hello? Mobsters? Why did no one tell me?! I would have read this books as soon as it came out if I'd have known there were mobsters because I looooooooooove them!

Anyway, the story was great. It's suspenseful, funny at times and kind of sweet. Nate is the typical oblivious character who really is kind, beautiful and intelligent but thinks he's just bland. Dreo is just yummy. He's tall, dark and mysterious. Just lovely.

The story is fast paced with a nice plot even if it's not very original. I liked the fact that there was a kid, Dreo's nephew Michael, so involved in the story. I also liked that Nate was such a fatherly figure for him (well, Nate is a father after all) but it was a nice addition to the story, IMO.

There were some problems with the book, though. It was in need of a bit more editing because there were a bunch of typos and even name mix ups (and in a few cases completely foreign names for already existing characters). I think there were too many secondary characters that were not really necessary. Then there was the fact after a day or two of Nate getting hurt, his injuries were basically completely forgotten and never mentioned again. I also got confused a few times because there were flashbacks to what happened that morning. The reason I got confused was because Nate and Dreo would be doing something like talking in front of Michael then next thing they were fucking which made me go WTF?! I had to re-read to realize it was a flashback to earlier that day. Lastly, I still have a bunch of questions that were made from unnecessary comments. Like, why was it so weird Duncan went from homicide to major crimes? What did James almost say about why he left homicide? Why was it so weird that Tony Strada cooked for Nate? What was the big deal?

Even with all that, I had a lot of fun with this story. Ms. Calmes always has a way of sucking me into a story that makes me overlook a lot of the things I normally have a problem with. Nate was loved by everyone but he was so cute and charming and Dreo was hotter than hot. I'll probably end up re-reading this story soon.